The problem with having a critical parent is that you decided nothing you do or are is good enough. Society adds to that by bombarding us with advertisements, modeled for the rich and famous, to compare ourselves with others. We take on the role of criticizing ourselves, and therefore we are never good enough.

This is so hard to embrace, and you are an original. There are no two people just alike on planet earth. God blessed you with total uniqueness and individuality. Unfortunately, our society created comparison as a marketing tool, and we bought it!

“You are a photographer, you bring your Spirit into your photos. You capture a different version of what other people see. Your love for nature and for children is reflected in your photos. No one, and I mean no one, can do what you can do with a camera. Your photos are beautiful, amazing, unique and always enough!” I’m talking to my son here, and lest you miss the point, to you: Whatever you do is a reflection of you. “It’s not good enough,” is just plain off. Trust yourself, and share your gift with the world.

Share the gift of you with everyone! Some people can’t see you, who you are. That’s about them, not about you. Because they don’t see you cannot be an excuse to just be you! You are an original, YOU ARE ENOUGH! Live your life, everyone else it taken!

Please share with friends and family.

Scott A McDaniel photo