Life sends you signals. The trick is to pay attention! I was scheduled to go to a baseball game as my grandson was pitching. I put the game on the wrong date. Fortunately, a family email enlightened me. Dressed in shorts, T-shirt and a baseball cap, I stared driving. It was cloudy and there was no talk of rain. My GPS would not work! Panic! I headed in the right direction and called my son. He didn’t know how to get there from my home. Looking at maps, talking to me, he got me to the game, some 37 minutes away.

I had to park a long way from the entrance. Huffing and puffing, because my heart has been acting up recently, I managed to get inside the stadium and sit down. Soon, 3 family members joined me. At the first part of the 5th inning, Nick started to pitch. It started to drizzle. Lightening delayed the game 20 minutes. Game starts again—heavier rain—and (just as bases were loaded and Nick was up to batt,) the game was called. Soaked to the skin, I drove home, shivering.

If you get two or more messages from the Universe that something is off, STOP! Look! LISTEN WITHIN! “It wasn’t meant to be,” is a message you don’t always need to confirm.

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Scott A. McDaniel photo