A lady came up to me, telling me that, if I used this cream, it would take all the wrinkles out of my face. I turned to see my reflection in the window, pulled my face so all the lines disappeared. I smiled at her saying, “I’d look like I had no life! I’ve earned these wrinkles!”

Millions of dollars are spent each year by women trying to look younger or more beautiful. There’s nothing wrong with that except we are focusing on the outside of a person rather than the inside for beauty.

At a party, I was engaged in conversation with a group of people who were new to me. One young man was awkward and uncomfortable. He retreated into himself. I walked around the edge of the group to engage him on a one-to-one basis. He relaxed and we enjoyed an amiable chat.

His sister found me in the party later, thanking me for helping her brother be at a party successfully. She said, “You are a beautiful Spirit!” Kindness is beautiful!

Being friendly is beautiful. Being non-judgmental is beautiful. Being loving is beautiful. Being unafraid to be you is beautiful.

Instead of being a reflection of what other people wanted you to be, be you! Some people won’t be able to see who you really are, and some people will. Choose the latter as your friends.

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Scott A. McDaniel photo