In Sandy’s Wisdom #1, I talked about how changing my perspective on a deep resentment I had carried for years, allowed me to exchange judgment for total acceptance.

Instead of letting my mind be an angry attack dog arranging thoughts into an endless victim pattern, I repeated “That’s different” until my mind accepted it.

I called someone, they didn’t call me back, “That’s different! Victim thoughts enter like locust, searching for a weak spot in my feelings. “That’s different!” I repeat, and visualize myself sitting on a beach, watching waves crashing. More victim thoughts enter, “That’s different!” (visualization)

The mind is more powerful than we begin to realize, and thoughts create your reality. Your ego acts like a virus in a computer, constantly sabotaging a positive mind. By heading off negative mind chatter, you gain strength inside and create more tranquil thoughts over-all. The challenging part is to train your mind to stop ranting and be more positive.

If something bothers you, chances are what happened was different than (1) you would do it, (2) you expect it to happen or be, (3) it “should be.” Not right or wrong, just different. I got over the large resentment I was holding by viewing everything associated with the people involved as being different.

Someone cuts me off, “That’s different!” A person is rude to me, “That’s different!” My friend mis-interprets a text and is angry, “That’s different!”

Truly, when we get upset about something, isn’t it because it was different than we expected it to be?

Minimize your negative thinking with the words, “That’s different!”

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Scott A. McDaniel photo