I was walking on the beach one day with Leo Buscaglia. Leo was the USC professor who gained attention by creating a class called, “LOVE” which he taught for free because the school thought it was a stupid idea. His class was always packed to the gills with a sizable waiting list. Appropriately, Leo wrote a book called, “LOVE,” and was vastly popular on the speaking circuit. His policy to have a hug available to any audience member who wanted one kept him at lectures for as long as three extra hours.

Leo asked me what my purpose in life was, and I told him, “To change the world.” We walked for a bit, then my friend asked me to pick up a rock. I carried it aways down the beach and dropped it when he asked me to do so. “Now you can relax!” he said, waving his arm in the air, his smile extending across his face.

It has taken me a long time to realize that my purpose is just to be me! Loving everyone, caring for and helping others with my knowledge and ideas is my purpose…..and I am living my purpose.

Like touching a cobweb only to watch your energy go across the entire web, one minute of genuine kindness is an immeasurable world changer. In my case, I dearly care about all human beings, so my verbal comments are a bridge from my heart to theirs. Please don’t discount the value of your genuine caring to other people’s lives. Being genuine is the bridge to another friend which creates the trust within which love can flourish.

Please share with friends and family.

Scott A. McDaniel photo