IN 2015, I had open heart surgery. Since then, I have been on a roller coaster ride, going in and out of A-fib. Recently, my heart stopped beating for a couple of seconds, more than one time. So I ended up seeing doctor after doctor, with a new plan for staying alive. What I have learned in this experience is the power of caring about others instead of wallowing in personal fears. I also know that love is a circle. These three stories are my testament to that:

After spending the morning with doctors, talking about expensive meds and choices, I came home to find God had sent me a reminder that love is the answer to every situation. A Hawaiian young man came to fix my garage door. I played some Hawaiian music for him while he worked, and we ended up singing a song in his native language, then hugging! I spent a summer on Maui many years ago.

After being in the hospital for two days to see heart doctors, the receptionist and I became buds. On the second day, I was standing talking to her. She mentioned that she noticed I talk to everyone and give out lots of hugs. I told her it is my job to love everyone. Noticing a man standing behind me, I told him we were just talking and stepped aside. “My name is Sandy,” I offered, “What’s your name?” He told me his name was Richard and he heard I gave out hugs. I walked over to him and we exchanged the dearest hug. My name was called, so I took his hug with me to talk to another doctor.

There are two bills I dread: the dentist and car repair. I have gone to Heritage Auto Repair for over ten years, so I know most everyone there. As each person came to work, they spotted me, and came right to where I was sitting for a hug. The owner showed up and said, “There’s a hug waiting for me!” We talked for a few minutes. My car was fixed (the bill was unusually low) and staff in both offices came for a goodbye hug.

Medical stuff can set off unrest and fear. As I made my way through the three days mentioned, I felt better and better. Decisions became easier. Fear disappeared. In my 82 years of life, I have seen, over and over again that love may be the greatest healer of all. I am grateful for all the love in my life.

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Scott A. McDaniel photo