Freedom. All our lives we have chosen July 4th to celebrate our freedom. And I wonder if we are free if we don’t stand up for what we believe, back the causes that stir our hearts and truly take time to love our friends and family. The freedom to choose is taken lightly, taken for granted by the average bear……..maybe not for the families and soldiers who have fought to protect that freedom of choice. Whether you are a supporter of war as a solution to problems or not, the fact is there are many thousands of veterans and service men and women whose lives were ever changed because of a commitment to serve in that way.  Hold them in your heart today as your thank you.

We protect freedom when we value it.  We honor freedom when we choose to stand up in our lives and communicate our thoughts and feelings. We allow freedom when we forgive the past so we can embrace this moment.  We perpetuate freedom when we stop, go within and give thanks that by some extraordinary Grace you live in freedom.  Instead of fighting for freedom, maybe we need to stand up in it.  Maybe we need to quietly honor freedom’ s sacred trust in us.


I send my dearest hug,