About Sandy

-7Sandy McDaniel is a parenting coach and youth mentor with over 50 years experience. She communicates with clarity, warmth and humor and her teaching style disarms defensiveness. Sharing insights based on her keen understanding of child development and her wisdom of experience, Sandy unlocks the secret to managing children’s misbehavior with this key truth: when children feel insecure, they misuse power. Sandy’s expert guidance and encouragement inspires and empowers parents and adults who work with children:

  •  To Raise emotionally healthy, empathetic, loving adults
  • To Instill resilience to setbacks
  • To Develop reliable, responsible, respectful character
  • To Repair dysfunctional family systems and defuse angry acting out

Sandy’s Orange County Register columns and videos cover every spectrum of parenting challenges from discipline to self-esteem issues. This is a tool kit for solving the challenges that plague today’s parents and assist anyone who is working with children.

-1To nurture children into adults with a clear internal compass and self confidence
The simple, easy to use McDaniel Discipline system uses fair consequences for unacceptable choices and defuses even the most defiant children without physical or emotional harm. Children raised with a reasonable discipline structure learn to manage their own behavior. Children given reassurance of unconditional love learn to trust love and develop healthy relationships.

Career Highlights

  •  50 years: Educator, trainer, author, columnist, speaker, parenting expert
  •  Author:
    • “Don’t Feed the Dragon”
    • “Recipes from Parenting”
    • “Leave Your Baggage at the Door”
    • “Project Self‐Esteem” (co‐author)
  •  “Parenting Solutions” columnist for the Orange County Register, CA (8 years)
  •  Current Parent columnist for “The School News Roll Call,” CA
  •  BA University of Redlands, CA (Speech and Communications Major)Extension program, Salzburg, Austria
  •  Recognition
    •  The Harmony Award, National Congress Parents and Teachers Honorary Service Award
    •  Golden Apple Self‐Esteem Service Award
    •  Disneyland Community Service Award

Contact:Sandy McDaniel
PO Box 1437, Meridian, ID 83642


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