Let Us Rejoice

Written for The Network News for their Spring issue…….to think about ahead of time.   REJOICE The winter is passing and spring shows its face with many signs of new life. We zoom by these signs of birth and renewal, consumed by our daily chores. A butterfly reminds us of our ability to transform our […]

3 Birthday messages

What have I learned in 70 years? Life is good. God is my source for everything. You are never alone, even when you are the only one in your boat.   Believe in your dreams. A true friend cannot be replaced. Time can be spent but not re-spent. Each day is a slate that you can […]


Freedom. All our lives we have chosen July 4th to celebrate our freedom. And I wonder if we are free if we don’t stand up for what we believe, back the causes that stir our hearts and truly take time to love our friends and family. The freedom to choose is taken lightly, taken for […]

Mother’s Day

MOTHER’S DAY   My mother passed away after a lengthy struggle with Alzheimer’s Disease. She was difficult for me in many ways cuz I didn’t fit into her “box” of what a first daughter should be. She had a spirit that allowed her to live alone on Catalina Island during her late 80’s, early 90’s. […]

Learning to Use Power Well

If you want to stop a negative behavior, punish the child. If you want to change a behavior, use consistent, fair consequences. When a child receives consistent feedback that a certain behavior is not acceptable and is given appropriate consequences for that choice, the child will stop a behavior. Here are some questions to ask […]