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    A Parenting Manual to Guide you from Tots to Teens. Transform your family by using the discipline system in this manual. Teach your children to mind without threats, bribes or anger; stop melt-downs, arguing, fighting, defiant and disrespectful behavior. Get children to do homework, chores, listen do something on time and make wise choices. The first half is also on a CD which is included. The last part of the book is a list of solutions to the 130 top concerns of parents, listed in alphabetical order.
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    If you are concerned about passing your "garbage" down to your children, or want to feel less emptiness inside, this is the book for you! Topics included in this easily digested book are: Enhancing self-esteem, Clear communication skills, Relationship skills and Working effectively with anger. This non-judgmental book is filled with concise examples of how to break out of the web of dysfunctional cycles that cause you pain. Wrap yourself up in soft, loving ways to put light into the dark corners of your life. This is a Pre-printing, limited edition, loosely bound manuscript of Sandy's book.
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Recipes from Parenting

Finally! A “how to” book written in a format that you can use as a reference. One topic per page is a perfect solution to having too little time to read book chapters. You will laugh and cry your way to understanding your role as a parent from a research-based, logical, real-life and story-filled loving format.

Internationally known speaker and author, Sandy S McDaniel has presented parenting workshops for thousands of parents, teachers and people who work with children. She is the founder of; written four books, wrote a parenting column for the Orange County register, and writes for dozens of newsletters, newspapers, and blogs. She is best known for her spontaneous humor, passion for children and her laser ability to solve today’s parenting challenges.

Believe You are Beautiful


Believe You Are Beautiful is a delightful book filled with life lessons for adults and children. Believing the book’s primary message: Beauty is on the inside, therefore (no exceptions) you are beautiful……is the foundation for a child being less likely to harm self or others. Less bullies, less victims, less self-harm, more love!

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