Tom Patterson, Pediatrician for Saltzer Medical Group, Nampa

“As I reflect on 2010 there were some amazing times.  The most striking to me has been meeting Sandy McDaniel  the creator of Parenting SOS.  Her system is kind to children and even kinder to parents.  When I first heard her idea of the system working to take the roof off a home and suck […]

Mayor Tammy, Tammy de Weerd, Mayor of Meridian, Idaho.

“I appreciate all you have done to strengthen our community in such a short period of time.  Meridian needs someone like you with superb teaching skills to help parents and children understand their roles in creating stronger communities and my goal is to ensure Meridian is Idaho’s premier city to live, work and raise a […]

Sara Hudson, Kuna, Idaho

“The techniques are working well and I feel so much better as the screaming lunatic is gone.”  Sara Hudson,  Kuna,  Idaho

Fran Zell, Kindergarten and Pre-kindergarten teacher for 24 years. California

“Sandy McDaniel’s discipline system builds a child from within, enabling the child to make better choices. It teaches a  child to control his/her behavior and build character and confidence.”       Fran Zell, Kindergarten and Pre-kindergarten teacher for 24 years. California

Katie Copeland, MD, Nampa, ID

“I am pediatrician and mother of two young children. I use Sandy McDaniel’s parenting techniques at home and I recommend them for my parents and their families. Her techniques are easy to learn and quickly effective. My children and I now have a much more peaceful relationship since adopting these methods”     Katie Copeland, MD, Nampa, […]

Beth Roundtree, Meridian, ID

“I am basking in the glow of U&Me camp (for my 13 year old daughter and me) and I want to share that I instituted the Minute Drill. Within 30 minutes, it worked!  What an amazing gift you have given our family!”      With great gratitude, Beth Roundtree, Meridian, ID

Tina Richards, Boise ID

“I loved every minute of Sandy’s parenting seminar. She was very inspiring and had some great ideas for improvement on parenting. I had several friends with me and everyone was so pleased with her ideas and inspiration.”     Tina Richards     Boise   ID

DeeDee Phillips, Ada County Juvenile Probation Officer , Meridian ID

“You are amazing—all the probation officers were excited about your presentation as to helping parents.”       DeeDee Phillips   Ada County Juvenile Probation Officer , Meridian ID

Megan, National Guard

“During my husband’s deployment our daughter started acting out and physically and verbally and I knew that being pregnant I could not take the risk of hurting myself or the baby by trying to over- power her. I saw a flier about Sandy and had a friend loan me her book, “Don’t feed the Dragon”. […]

Nick and Christine Kukoski, Air Force, deployed family

“We are so thrilled you found your way into our lives.  You are a godsend!  Your parenting tools have truly helped enhance our parenting experience.  You have given us extremely simple and effective tools to aid us in stopping the feeding frenzy of our three hungry dragons!  We are forever grateful, thank-you!”     – Nick and […]

Vicky Miriash, CA

“I have been struggling with my six year old’ tantrums and power plays for years. Everything we tried failed. The Minute Drill and Penalty Box are amazing tools to which my little dragon responded favorably. I feel in control again, not only of my own stress and ability to parent, but I feel my kids […]

Angela Black, Orange County, California

“As the mother of a two and a half year old and 18 month old triplets I have found the ultimate parenting source. I have read parenting books, magazines, gone to classes and I learned more in one session with Sandy than have in the past four years. She truly is an expert on children.” […]

Lori Fernandez, Program Mgr., OB Ed., Hoag Memorial Hospital, Newport Beach, CA

“In the 5 years Sandy taught parenting classes for Hoag Memorial Hospital, the most common comment was, “It ended too soon. Her parenting books are the best I’ve ever read.”      Lori Fernandez, Program Mgr., OB Ed., Hoag Memorial Hospital, Newport Beach, CA.

Cindy Blair, VP Parent Ed. Coordinator, Arlington School District, Texas

“Sandy’s animated delivery of parenting skill are the magical kiss and band aid that begin recovery from the unsuccessful cycle of conflict, anger, guilt, and forgiveness. The tools she so warmly and generously shares will give you the vision to break old parenting habits and haphazard attempts at control.  Daily practice of her parenting techniques […]

Elaine England, Grandmother, parent of 5 children, Newport Beach, California

“Sandy has a wondrous capacity for teaching us to use our minds and hearts to solve human relations problems in a way everyone can understand.”      Elaine England, Grandmother, parent of 5 children, Newport Beach,  California

Rita Jaimeso, Director Early Childhood Care Center; college instructor, California

“I’ve been in the field of childhood education for 30 years and I’ve never seen my staff or parents be so excited after having Sandy speak at our school I HIGHLY recommend any and all groups who work with children to have Sandy McDaniel reach out and share both her knowledge and her love.”     Rita […]

Janne, Ex. Dir. Interval House Crisis Centers for Victims of Domestic Violence, California

Thank you again and again for coming out to talk to our residents. Feedback, especially from the women in our shelter is that they all have tools to be effective and positive models with their own children. Your generous gifts of knowledge and caring have touched all the women and children at our house.     Janne, […]

Sharon Sacett, Drug/Alcohol/Tobacco Ed. Program, Anaheim, CA

“Sandy is an incredible teacher! Her solutions are applicable, practical and taught in a way that you can immediately apply. I learn from her every time I am in her presence.”      Sharon Sacett, Drug/Alcohol/Tobacco Ed. Program, Anaheim, CA

Carol Keu, principal, Oklahoma

“Thanks for the wonderful day and night you gave to teachers and parents. We learned so much!  I was amazed at how you motivated students, then teachers and finally parents–everyone was touched by you. Thank you for being so practical, informative, so sensitive to us as human being. You model your message and we are […]

Paula Neff, parent of 2 boys, Dallas Texas

“If you would like to get up one morning knowing you have the necessary skills and understanding to raise your children without harming them emotionally, run don’t walk to hear Sandy speak. You will laugh endlessly as you discover how to parent children who are responsible and who have a strong sense of self-esteem.”       Paula […]