Why are the pages blank in Parenting Boot Camp (or the videos don’t appear on the pages)?

This happens when your membership isn’t activated.  There are two main reasons why your membership wouldn’t be active.  Either your membership period has expired, or your payment wasn’t successful.  To verify your payment check your payment records with PayPal.  If you don’t see payment to Parenting SOS in your records, your payment didn’t go through.

In either case, just go through checkout again to activate your Parenting SOS membership.  Upon successful checkout, your account will be activated and you’ll have access to all the Parenting Boot Camp materials.

When I click on PayPal, I get sent to a PayPal informational page. How do I check out?

The PayPal icon is just an informational link to learn more about PayPal.  To complete your checkout, click on the red button below the PayPal icon that reads, “Complete Your Purchase.”