Let Us Rejoice

Written for The Network News for their Spring issue…….to think about ahead of time.



The winter is passing and spring shows its face with many signs of new life.
We zoom by these signs of birth and renewal, consumed by our daily chores.
A butterfly reminds us of our ability to transform our lives and to fly instead of crawl;
The sun warms the day, impervious to outside comments, remains true to itself

Running here, running there, we miss the spectacular moments as flowers burst forth
New birds are born, bare trees fill their branches with gazillions of leaves
It is a time of re-newal, rebirth, regeneration, a slate washed clean
A time filled with sunshine, outside activities, and a change of clothing

God breathes life into the world, into our lives if we choose to be receptive,
and we rejoice at the small things that make our life more than bearable;
For spring tells us there is a do-over, a chance to restructure our life
and be a part of the solution instead of one more example of the problem

God loves you!  Teach (by example)  your children to know that whatever they do–
whatever they become, whatever they do or don’t achieve, regardless…
They are are loved and guided by God; and Jesus is our ever-present tour guide
to living a life in which we constantly rejoice.  Rejoice in God. Rejoice!