Megan, National Guard

“During my husband’s deployment our daughter started acting out and physically and verbally and I knew that being pregnant I could not take the risk of hurting myself or the baby by trying to over- power her. I saw a flier about Sandy and had a friend loan me her book, “Don’t feed the Dragon”. After reading it I thought this could be the key.  I went to the seminar and started implementing what we discussed and things got better…..until Daddy got home. The excitement, confusion and fear that he would be leaving again after being gone for a year was too much for her. I wanted and needed my husband and I to be on the same page and diffuse the fight before it started. The three of us met with Sandy. She had a gentle approach with Gabi and loved on Skeeter and helped us get a game plan in place so we knew how to respond, without the fight, when Gabi gets mad. We are all going through a transition getting to a new normal post deployment but Sandy has given our family some new tools that are practical, geared toward love and respect and we are all better for having gotten to know Sandy and her parenting approach.”     ~Megan     National Guard