Mother’s Day



My mother passed away after a lengthy struggle with Alzheimer’s Disease. She was difficult for me in many ways cuz I didn’t fit into her “box” of what a first daughter should be. She had a spirit that allowed her to live alone on Catalina Island during her late 80’s, early 90’s.   In many ways she helped shape the person I’ve become. I am positive she loved me.
Mother Teresa said, “It’s not how much you give that matters, it’s how much love is in the gift.
Parenting today is more difficult that it has ever been.  Remind a parent or step parent of that fact if you hear criticism about your parenting.  While it is true that you have the experience,I have their children. I have the same right to be wrong that you did.  If you love your children, only give advice they ask for, and make your love greater than your judgment.
My daughter sent me a silver circle, the size fitting into the palm of my hand; Gandhi’s quote is written on the disc: Be the change you wish to see in the world.  The gift of feeling seen; an unimaginable treasure for a mother.
I tell my children, “My mother’s day gift is you, all the choices you made to be you.”
And the gift I give myself is forgiveness for the things I didn’t know how to do better as a parent.
Happy Mother’s Day!