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It is the most difficult time to be a parent. No parent I know gets up in the morning saying, “Wonder what I can do to mess up my kids’ life today?” And yet the discipline challenges, the concerns about a child’s self-esteem, the chaos in everyday living are overwhelming. Those concerns can be significantly decreased.

The times have changed, and what a child needs in order to become a reliable, respectful, responsible, resilient, loving human being have not changed over the years. As a parent, grandparent, researcher and parent educator for 50 years, I have the experience to help you be the parent you want to be.

“The techniques are working well and I feel so much better as the screaming lunatic is gone.”

Sara Hudson, Kuna, Idaho

“The great blessing for me has been meeting Sandy McDaniel the creator of Parenting SOS. Her system is kind to children and even kinder to parents. When I first heard her idea of the system working to take the roof off a home and suck the chaos out, leaving behind love and fun, I was a bit skeptical. Her passion and kind nature however, gave me hope that overrode my inner skeptic. We have used her system in our home since Spring 2010, and I can tell you that the chaos is minimal and the love and fun is magnified. Her books are amazing, with insight and wisdom that I have not seen in the many books on discipline I have read as a Pediatrician and Father. Sandy’s system is easy to start and easy to continue whether I am well rested or exhausted from a long day. What is more is that my kids have the expectation of consistency they need.”

Tom Patterson, Pediatrician for Saltzer Medical Group, Nampa, ID. President American Academy of Pediatrics, Idaho chapter.

For just $20 a month you will have access to:

  • A wide range of information to help you with the minute-to-minute challenges of raising a child, tots through teens.
  • A unique discipline system that teaches children to control their own behavior and take responsibility for a choice.
  • 13 half-hour videos, a complete parent training
  • 57 instant help with a specific problem, videos
  • 50+ Orange County Register parenting columns
  • 1 Micron parenting talk video (50 minutes)
  • 1 Empowering Women Conference Self-Esteem address (50 minutes)

There are no re-runs in the parenting job; you are the architect of a human being’s life. I can help you!

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