Private Coaching

For Parents

  • 2 Hours = $160,
  • 1 hour = $85
  • 1 Hour (phone) = $85

“When parents’ confidence in their own parenting skills is temporarily undermined, and they find themselves needing help…A parent coach helps parents navigate the growing number of ordinary snags in daily life.”

Better Homes and Gardens, Feb 2004

Sandy McDaniel is available for private parent coaching sessions at affordable rates. Sandy authored several books on parenting, and she developed a unique discipline tool, the Minute Drill, specifically to address the problems of parenting in today’s modern world. Hearing Sandy speak  and reading Sandy’s books can get parents using the McDaniel Discipline system with excellent results. Sometimes parents find that a little time with Sandy one-on-one can jump start the discipline system and clear the chaos from their homes even faster. With Sandy’s extensive experience and uncanny intuition, she can quickly find the root of a problem and educate parents to use the discipline tools in a way best tailored to the family situation and individual personalities.

“I am excited to be offering this personalized service to parents. The following are just a few examples of the type of family problems I have helped.”    Sandy McDaniel

  • A couple learned how to work together better as a team in their parenting challenges.
  • A mother improved communication with her mother-in-law so they can work together.
  • A mother and the nanny learned to work together as a team and improved consistency.
  • A teenager and her parents learned to communicate clearly and respectfully with each other.
  • A single parent received much needed support and perspective from Sandy’s personal experience as a single mom and gathered a few tools specific to co-parenting after divorce.

Don’t live another day in chaos and disharmony. Learn how to teach your children to be all that they can be 208 514 4083   Call today!  Email:

Testimonials: The quality of assistance you will receive is outstanding!

“Praise the Lord for Sandy McDaniel! Not because of the money….I would have paid much more to have the help that just talking to her once did me! Forget the money! She is worth a million!!” Lori

L.L. from Nevada: “I can’t believe how quickly Sandy helped me solve my parenting problems. I saw myself and my capabilities in a whole new light, and hung up the phone feeling able to parent in a way I knew was possible. I thank God for Sandy McDaniel!”

“My relationship with (daughter) is at a place it never has been before. The boundaries are so clear to her she has no interest to cross them, she enjoys being around me more, and our time together is quality time. We have had so many amazing talks she is just incredible. Thank you and God bless your day.”