Tom Patterson, Pediatrician for Saltzer Medical Group, Nampa

“As I reflect on 2010 there were some amazing times.  The most striking to me has been meeting Sandy McDaniel  the creator of Parenting SOS.  Her system is kind to children and even kinder to parents.  When I first heard her idea of the system working to take the roof off a home and suck the chaos out, leaving behind love and fun, I was a bit skeptical. Her passion and kind nature however,  gave me hope that overrode my inner skeptic.  We have used the system in our home since Spring 2010, and I can tell you that the chaos is minimal and then love and fun is magnified.  My children have even told this to Sandy themselves.  Her books are amazing, with insight and wisdom that I have not seen in the many books on discipline I have read as a Pediatrician and Father.  Sandy’s system is easy to start and easy to continue whether I am well rested or exhausted from a long day.  What is more is that my kids have the expectation of consistency they need.”       Tom Patterson, Pediatrician for Saltzer Medical Group, Nampa